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General Contractors

General Contractors

Greengrade® provides general contractors with all the tools needed to successfully complete and track LEED® project information, coordinate your LEED project team, and submit your documents to LEED Online – all from one centralized location, available to you and your LEED project team.

This intuitive, easy-to-use application helps general contractors simply your traditional LEED certification process. By using Greengrade, you are able to reduce your LEED administrate hours by 25-30% and create a direct impact on your budget by reducing your LEED administrative expenses.

General Contractor Benefits:

  • Single online workspace for LEED project
  • Communicate with project team instantaneously
  • Review project status and progress with interactive credit scorecard and task grid
  • Access to useful, real-time resources from USGBC, CaGBC and LEEDuser
  • Support for all commercial LEED Rating Systems
  • Eliminates manually totaling Excel spreadsheets for credits, tasks or scorecards
  • Upload documents directly to a LEED credits so team members can review
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