Architects & Engineers

Architects and engineers are able to use Greengrade® to organize all key LEED® documents, integrate task lists and create automated reminders, and use informational tools for calculating, reporting, and assessing — all while in an interactive centralized environment designed to simplify LEED projects and save time.

With the features available in Greengrade, architects and engineers can easily create a more efficient process when managing LEED projects and significantly reduce the time you spend working on projects seeking LEED certification.

Architect & Engineer Benefits:

  • View all project information in real-time
  • Reduce the risk of wasting time on manually verifying accuracy of project information
  • Upload multiple documents at once to LEED Online
  • Exchange feedback with project team from a single location
  • Track who is responsible for what credits and tasks
  • Save administration time, research and LEED Online submission time
  • Receive instant access to accurate LEED requirements
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