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Takeoff & Estimating

Takeoff & Estimating

PlanSwift® provides advanced functionality that enables users to perform complex take-off tasks from digital plans, and to use the quantities thus determined as the basis for estimation of material, labor, and other costs associated with a project. This approach replaces and improves the traditional method of manual measurement and unit count from printed plans and the use of paper or spreadsheet-based methods for estimating costs. Take-off and estimating is an activity performed by subcontractors, material suppliers, manufacturers, and general contractors.

With PlanSwift estimators can estimate 10 times as fast as compared to traditional methods. Planswift allows industry professionals to complete more precise and accurate bids every day and helps to create an audit trail for added accountability. With it's easy to learn software, PlanSwift is the fastest and easiest solution for accurately completing construction takeoffs on your computer screen.

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