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Invoicing & Payment

Invoicing & Payment

Textura Construction Management

Textura®—Construction Payment Management (Textura—CPM), a Textura Corporation solution, electronically integrates all construction payment management process components including billing, lien waiver collection, statutory declaration collection, sub-tier waivers, compliance management and payments into one seamless workflow. Textura—CPM helps contractors and others involved in construction projects realize significant efficiency benefits from automation and streamlining as well as risk reduction from improved control and visibility.

Textura—CPM eliminates the inefficiencies of the construction payment management process. It replaces the mounds of paper invoices and lien waivers for electronic documents. Each participant involved in the payment process, including Owners, General Contractors and Subcontractors are connected via the Internet. What used to take days filling out forms, obtaining signatures, transporting documents and cutting paper checks, now is as simple as few clicks.

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